Consignment Program

You can now consign your pieces with us.


Let's get started...

Check to see if your pieces are Eastcote Style...

  • Unique/Unusual/Interesting
  • High Quality 
  • Show floor ready -- No repairs or touch ups needed!

Next Step

Snap some pictures, send over dimensions and any other pertinent information and email

Agreement Info:

  • 60/40 Split...You get 60% of the FINAL sale price.
  • 90 days on the floor
  • 15% price reduction every 30 days
  • After the 90 days you have 5 days to retrieve your piece or donate it to Eastcote to take care of!
  • At ANY point during the 90 days you change your mind you can come and pick up your items!

Delivery/Pick-up Info:

  • We are currently offering a $50 FLAT RATE pick up option within 10 miles of Eastcote Lane in Devon.
  • This is for small to standard size items.
  • We are NOT able to pick up oversized items (not sure which category your item falls in? Ask us!)
  • We DO accept oversize items but you will need to get it to us! We are just not able to offer a cost effective pick up option for larger pieces.